Bahá'u'lláh, the latest of these Messengers, taught that a just and peaceful global society is now possible. For more than a century, Bahá'ís in the United States have striven to give expression to the oneness of humanity, a core principle of their faith, by seeking to eliminate racial prejudice, advance the equality of women and men, and build vibrant spiritual communities that reflect the human family in all its diversity.

Humanity is one, and prejudices and patterns of life that block the expression of this fundamental truth are gradually falling away.

The  Baha'is of Woodbury, Oakdale and surrounding communities invite you to join us in worship, study, and service to others while embracing a new vision of the purpose and nature of religion. Religion is a faculty of the human soul that enables individuals to mine inner resources of courage, vision, and high endeavor. It allows groups and communities to explore reality together and forge a common vision and purpose. When harmonized with science, religion is a system of knowledge that propels the advancement of civilization.


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 The Baha'i Community of Woodbury, Minnesota 

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.  - Bahá'u'lláh

Throughout history, God has sent Divine Educators to guide the advancement of civilization.

The peoples of the world, of whatever race or religion, derive their inspiration from one heavenly Source, and are the subjects of one God. — Bahá'u'lláh